My Name Rhymes with Pizza So its Only Fitting


I’ve always loved pizza.

I think it’s the endless combination of flavors and textures that sparked my interest.

It wasn’t until a few years ago my friends pointed out that I was the go to person for food ideas because I can’t cook, I eat out…a lot, and thus sparked this idea of Nizza Pizza. Since then, my life has been overtaken by the slice. I travel all over Kansas City in search of new combinations and flavors in the world of pizza and love the idea of sharing my happiness with my friends. I now want to share my findings with the world in hopes that KC can be recognized for more than it’s BBQ and beer.

My only aspiration from this, even if a mere two people (probably my best friend and mother) only read this, is that you find your new favorite place for a slice of pie and try new flavors.
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